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Toilet Frogs and Smmmmokin’ Babies with Emily Meadows!

Sep 25, 2020 | Podcast

OOOO BABY, BABIES, TOTS – do we have a FUN one for you guys this week! We had the chance to sit down and do a lil I-M-P-R-O-V with none other than the wonderful and super talented EMILY MEADOWS! She joined us from Winnipeg, Manitoba since that is where she has been throughout the duration of the pandemic where she now realizes she is in need of some of her winter clothing… (NO WORRIES THOUGHT because Emily Milling and I have signed up to break into her home, gather her warm clothing, and send them to the Peg! GOTCHU GIRL). 

We love performing with Emily and we missed it so much. YES we met Emily in the halls of the Second City Training Centre – jk – it was in the designated classroom – AND WE ARE GRATEFUL THAT WE DID because Emily Meadows’ brand of improv is magical, creative, story-telly and FUN! She sparkles, she sings, she PROBABLY dances REALLY well! She’s peppy, provocative and LOVES bringing about some magical characters!! 

RIGHT off the top! Emily Meadow’s stuns us with an impression of THE Julie Andrews – like truly baffling how good it is – if you don’t even listen to the whole show, that’s fine, YA GOTTA HEAR JULIE, THOUGH! From that point on we are just in a magical land of hilarity and strange shit lol here’s a TASTE: 

  • Alicia attempts to buy a unicorn from The Emily’s but they try selling her a chicken with a horn instead! THE AUDACITY. 
  • We meet a baby who was birthed by a giving tree and then raised by DYLAN – a guy nobody likes
  • Emily Meadow’s character MARK invites a demon into the house for Halloween. Where does the demon live? In the downstairs BATHROOM, OF COURSE! Where did it come from? Why it’s the spirit of Mark’s frog – the one he cut up and destroyed in biology class! 

(OH SIDENOTE – we hear Emily Milling as 3 characters in the final long form set – LOL its truly impressive)

Thank you Emily Meadow’s for hopping on a virtual improv call from the Peg. We miss you here in Toronto and wish you the safest travels back – whenever you do return! Let us know if you need us to break into your apartment for your winter clothes. MORE than happy to. 


Alicia & Emily


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