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Symbiotic Twins and the Tantalizing Manor!

Oct 9, 2020 | Podcast

BINGO BANGO guess who stopped by our ShOWShoW! Our dear dear friends and improvisers from WEIRD TOWN COMEDY – Matthew ‘The Astronaut’ Ardill and Brian ‘A Game Show Host’ Archdekin!!  And guys?… Can I tell you something? It’s frickin weird, man. It’s perfect. It’s…. IMRPOV!

So – we met Matt and Brian at (YEP, you guessed it) the Second City Training Centreeee!! T’was a cold day in February of 2018 when awkward humans came together to YES AND. Brian got into improv after  “big number” birthday and Matt turned to improv due to the reccom of a few comedian pals… and therein, lies the RUB. But for real, we are sincerely grateful – as it has been a pleasure getting to know you both over the last couple of years. It brings us JOY that you could both hop on the pod and get Strange. Capital S. 

On a serious note – Matt and Emily both have joey pouches and inside said pouches….. Their symbiotic twin. Alicia finally gets to be in an improv sketch where she has multiple lovers AND talks omelettes and nailpoli. Brian Brian Brian… the ability this man has to make references to WINE in a single sketch  – truly uncanny. 

On a funny note – Matt Ardill is the host of podcast @ComedyAlbumBookClub and through that,  he was pushed towards improv. THANK YOU SWEET BABY YEEZY. Brian originally joined an improv class with his lovely wife Tanya! She bailed, he kept going LOL. CaN’T ShTap – WoNt ShtAP! (SHOUTOUT TANYA!! GUYS! SHE’S AN OPERA SINGER!!) 

Thank you both for sharing your lights with us while we all shared in LAUGHTER. It’s really hitting us how much we miss our ol’ improv pals during these pandemic days. We had to laugh – so we did. #YaGottaLaugh

Stay healthy, stay safe bb’s. 


Alicia & Emily

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Matthew Ardill – @matt_ardill

Brian Archdekin – @brianarchdekin

Find them both in – Weird Town Comedy – @weirdtowncomedy

Check out Matt’s past podcast for some comedy education!! Comedy Album Book Club (wherever you get your pods!) 

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