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Snakes, Mermaids and Melatonin Madness with Aba Amuquandoh!

Sep 11, 2020 | Podcast

Oh hi, yeah, we’re going to need to put a pin in this meeting because ya know what? We need to focus on this episode of Ya Gotta Laugh: an Improv Podcast because !*THE*! Aba Amuquandoh has DROPPED and you’re gonna need to take some notessssss! 

Aba Amuquandoh is a Toronto-based performer who does it ALL (actor, stand up comedian, improv, sketch, writer)!! She has been making waves in the TO theatre and comedy community for TIME – you’ve probably seen her at Comedy Bar, Bad Dog, Pegasus on Church! Or maybe you’ve heard her on her podcast Nostalgique Ben Sosa Wright (available wherever you get your podcasts)! 

She is also a featured artist in Free Up! Emancipation Day 2020 – a collab between CBC Arts and Emancipation Arts  – watch it on CBC Gem! Honestly guys – she’s BUSY and we are extremely grateful that she took the time to improvise and catch up with us!

We met Aba at The Second City Training Centre in the Conservatory Program and missed that hell out of her. Improvising with her, you ask? How does it feel? It feeeeels like hanging out with your good friend who you haven’t seen in a long time – and things just flow. They flow so hard that you almost get lost in the world you’ve created together. Completely not grounded and just BIZARRE. A perfect episode <3! 

Aba tells all about her fave sleepy time routine, and why she can’t let her feet dangle off her bed and how she jokes with herself in her own dreams! YEAH YOU HEARD US. NOT MANY CAN DO THAT. We also learn that her uncle is Drake (no, not @champagnepapi – just a man who enjoys Vasalining himself, rolling in sand and attracting mermaids). Yes. Her aunt is a mermaid. And their son? ……. OH HE’S A LEGIT (half) SNAKE. 

A LOT is in store for you this episode my friend, and we hope your mind can get there – because ours certainly.. go there. AND SHOUT OUT AGAIN to Aba for taking the time. LIKE WE SAID – she’s busy and she has a LOT in store for you guys (

ENJOY THE F OUTTA THIS ONE BB’s! Don’t furgettttt to SHARE share share!  XO – A&E


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