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One Thing’s For Sure, Ya Gotta Laugh!

Aug 12, 2020 | Podcast

Gotta make your own fun these days – and that’s how YA GOTTA LAUGH: An Improv Podcast was born! Welcome to a small corner of the Toronto Improv World! In this jam packed, character driven variety-show improv comedy podcast, Toronto-based comedians Alicia Carrick and Emily Milling are joined by improvisers for evenings of ridiculous short and long form games! Ya gotta listen!

And of course we’ve got our weekly audience participation segment “What’s your deal?” where we ask you, the audience, what your deal is, and you send us voice memos to tell us! Every week is a different question! So make sure you’re following us on instagram @yglpodcast to see what the question is when we post it on Tuesdays.

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Until next time, we are Alicia Carrick and Emily Milling! Have a fabulous day!

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