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Magic Sandwiches and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance with Luke O’Grady

Sep 4, 2020 | Podcast

What a gaddang trip this episode was with @lukesinstantgram AKA Luke O’Grady!! An awesome improviser, comedian and sketch comedy performer, part of the Second City Training Centre’s Conservatory Program and all around great guy, Mr. O’Grady takes some time to sit with us and weeee getttt *~WeIRD~* via IMPROV, baby! 

We met Luke whilst taking part in the @SecondCityTO’s Training Centre’s Conservatory program here in #Toronto. Luke is ALWAYS a great to improvise and perform with – his yes and’s feel supportive! And caring! Improvising with Luke leads down many path and more often than not lol we get to meet some hilariously strange and wonderful characters from the depths of Luuuuke!! 

After our regular series of #YGLRapidFireQ’s and catching up, we’re off to the improv races. Nothing like a game of Headlines to get caught up with the world, eh? Followed by a segment called Advice Column. What are some things Luke recommends for those who are building a motorcycle? Leave one screw aside, that’s the “maybe later screw”. You will not want to miss such quality advice. Oh, what’s that? You want to know about DIY dentistry? This episode of Ya Gotta Laugh has your back! Just get some cement – and cover your teeth in it. Dr. O’grady approves of this message.

With the pandemic and quarantining and NOT feeling even the slightest bit confident about our improv skills, Luke, Alicia and Emily make their way down a hilarious rocky path – some highlights of their travels: 

  • Birds of prey around Emily’s apartment and an increase in dead mice 
  • Luke’s expertise on sandwiches
  • Slyly sleuthing during an improvised scene in order to figure out who the hell is who?! 
  • Our deep fascination with Italian meats and Italian accents

All in all, it was so wonderful to re-connect with an old friend whom we used to see on a regular basis. If and when our conservatory class resumes, we look forward to seeing Luke! His old soul radiates positivity and his childlike wonder is the reason why it’s so much fun improvising and creating with him. You can check him out on his personal podcast called @YouLikeThis? In which he and his sister have conversations about movies and music!! Currently listening to episode 1 about the best album of all time – Luke, Alicia will be connecting with you later on that because she is STILL obsessed with @TheBeatles and has been since 1996. @YouLikeThis? Is available on all the platformsss!! (@Apple @Spotify) 

Keep an ear out for Luke O’Grady… he might be making another appearance on @YGLpodcast VERY SOON! (I mean, we hope… we’ll continue to ask him until he gives us a hard no!) 

Thank you for hanging out with us! 


Alicia & Emily

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