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It’s Not Mine, It’s My Mom’s with Julia Jones

Aug 28, 2020 | Podcast

Julia Jones Is A Murderer!

Did you know that Julia Jones is a murderer? Well that ruined the entire true crime arc of this podcast… and it’s also a bald faced lie. This week on Ya Gotta Laugh! We brought our pal Julia Jones on to get her advice about the best way to not ruin your wife’s Lululemons in the wash, how to cut your hair in the middle of a pandemic at home (you know, for the second wave), where your missing socks actually go, and why her mom likes to make big salads. 

We also learn a lot about Julia’s cereal habits. They’re not exciting. And we wish they were but she just switches between Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios. SHE DOESN’T EVEN ATTEMPT THE MULTI-GRAIN CHEERIOS. At least she’s funny. She’s got that going for her. 

And finally, if you’ve ever wondered whether teen girls can be just as creepy as any other gender, Emily takes us on a trip down memory lane where she describes a rather stalker-ish situation on MSN involving one teen heart-throb from Degrassi: The Next Generation, Jake Epstein. 

Julia Jones is actually very cool.

Julia Jones is a writer, director, performer, comedian, producer and FRIEND! And ya know what? She’s great at ALL of those things! Emily met her at the Toronto Second City Training Centre (where we meet all our improv friends apparently) in the writing program. The pair quickly made it their mission to disrobe as frequently as possible on stage at the John Candy Box Theatre to reveal their incredibly tight body contour undergarments (SPANX) – and then they made a music video out of it. Because why not?

Soon after, Big Chick Energy Sketch was formed and the rest is history! You can check out Julia’s work on the Big Chick Energy Sketch website or YouTube channel! 

Huge thanks to Julia for being on the show!

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