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Iguana Love & Ladle Cupping with Taryn Crankshaw

Aug 21, 2020 | Podcast

We were so lucky to be able to snag some time away from the wonderfully talented actor, writer, director – TARYN CRANKSHAW! We met Taryn via the Second City Conservatory Training Program – big surprise! – and it was a freaking blast improvising with her again. We truly, truly miss playing with you.  

It’s always easy improvising with Taryn because she’s a heck of a listener with an imagination that runs WILD  – and it is a beautiful, beautiful thing to watch onstage or listen to (on this podcast!).

After gettin’ that degree from Sherdian and McMaster in theatre and film studies, Taryn went out on a TOTAL limb and auditioned for the SC Conservatory!! Hell yeah, she did. She was told she probably wouldn’t get in (?!?!?!) AND THEN SHE DID. BOOM! Eat it! Not surprising at all. Taryn is a m-effing-stage&sketchcomedy QUEEN.

We start out by playing some hilarious short form improv games. We get a lesson in some HOT NEW VOCAB – all the things the kids are saying… We talk about garfnoggin between the toes, spluba-durb’s after a trip to the community pool and last but not least, we had to touch on the Clardenfarce i.e. the most ORIGINAL carrot. Our vast knowledge of language stands out in this crazy episode of Ya Gotta Laugh (which we for sure did).

*SPECIAL* *SEGMENT *ALERT* We designed a segment around Taryn’s natural interest – MOVIES / ACTORS / GOSSIP. A must listen to if you’re curious about the lives of all the John’s (Gosselin, Lennon, Legend)! Taryn dishes the best hot celebrity gossip meals the city has to offer. Catch up wit da celeb nuuuuz from Miss TaRyN CrAnkShaw 2Dayyy, bb’s!!  

Improvising with Taryn always gives way to the best and strangest of situations. For example – Customer Service short form game: Who? A woman calling about a problem with her recently professionally framed picture of her Iguana. What? Customer service representatives try to figure out why she received a picture of an ANT instead. How? Oh Fraahhannnkkk of Fhrameable Fhaces will tell you when you listen to the episode!

Thank you for improvising with us in this crazy “WHAT is going on” improv podcast! Everyone! Be sure to download this bad-boy and get to know Taryn Crankshaw! Taryn, we look forward to playing again sometime soon! XO – A&E

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