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Cornish Game Hens & Coffee Addiction with Vivek Srikanthan

Oct 16, 2020 | Podcast

Part 1:

Part 2:

Step right up, step right up! Extra extra read all ab- WHO CARES THE POINT IS – The wonderful, the great, the hilarious Vivek Srikanthan of BABY CARROTS sketch troupe joined us on the podcast! And ya gotta listennn, guys! 

At 8 years old Vivek was sitting in front of the TV with his feet in a bucket of hot water, watching Who’s Line and getting INSPIRED.. Then in the blink of an eye, he was at the Second City Training Centre meeting Emily in the writing program! …And thank the high heavens because Vivek Srikantahn – if you’re reading this – we loved improvising with you and look forward to the future when we can do LIVE shows together again! A couple of gals can ~*dream*~. 

Here’s a little taste of the ePiSoDe!  

  • We talk comedic inspirations! 
  • We talk knockin-fudge, whittle-thwaits, splatterflurr & dodgenuggets
  • We play Experts! Vivek wow’s us with grocery knowledge! 
  • We have a surprise segment called “Viven In The City” (ft. Emily and VIv as 2 dogs in Copenhagen) 
  • We play Adjectives! The word? DELIGHTFUL. The scene? Vivek & Emily hold an intervention for their caffeine addicted daughter (Alicia) 

Join us in this laugh-o-minute (yeah, I used that) episode with Mr. Srikanthan. We create some super fun worlds together and hope you laugh – a few times! Maybe! If you want. Email us and let us know what you thought because we think it deserves a gaddang Oscar award. Delusional? No. In love with Improv? Yes. Do we want to listen to this episode whilst sitting with our feet in a bucket of hot water? Absolutely. #selfcare

Enjoy, friends! 


Alicia & Emily


Vivek Srikanthan – @vivlmao

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