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Cool Ranch Slip n’ Slide with Sam Sexton

Aug 14, 2020 | Podcast

Ranch Dance Party Time!

Toronto-based actor, writer, director SAMANTHA SEXTON jams with Alicia and Emily on the SECOND episode of YA GOTTA LAUGH: An Improv Podcast! WOOoo! We get into it with some quick convo and rapid fire q’s then we are truly off – to – the races. Let this tickle your small thick earlobes. (Fun fact: Alicia has small thick earlobes. Ask her about them!)

Sam creeps us the F out with a man that feels talent with his anatomy, brings out a little lady who loathes empty spaces in Toronto (and where might that be???) and a mish mash of other brain children from @sammysexton!! 

This was a special one for us because we are in @bigschickenergysketch together! We met Sam, like most of our guests because WE ARE NEW&FRESHHHonthescenebb’s, in a @SecondCity improv class and it was fun at first jam. We travelled East toward the Conservatory Program and eventually reached our destination. It was here we began to understand Sam. Truly get to the heart, the ROOT of Sam. It is an experience when you’re meshin’ well with Sam Sexton 

In this episode we have some REAL TALK about following your creative passions in life and how freaking important that is! Sam loved performing in high school, but like a human pursues other interests, she felt like something was missing in her life…  BUT through all the twists and turns and different life-paths, she found her way back, BABY! AND THANK GOODNESS for that because some STRANGE stuff comes out of your brain and honestly, it floors us. Thank you for the jam!

We travel through some strange scenes together in this here nugget of a listen!!, Glad you come come by and share your journey to comedy with us, for the stories, the weird but beautiful characters you create and pull from us and for having our backs. Can’t wait until we can have @bigchickenergysketch writing nights in your apartment when Ontario let’s people have bubbles of 150 people!!!! 

Alicia + Emily!

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