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Coming Soon: Ya Gotta Laugh! An Improvised Podcast!

Jul 19, 2020 | Blog

Well hello there! Alicia and Emily here with a SUPER exciting announcement – our new podcast Ya Gotta Laugh! is coming out on Friday, August 14, 2020! AND, every Friday we’ll post our latest episodes featuring hilariously fun comedians wherever you download your podcasts. That includes YouTube!

Each week we invite one of our improv pals to join us for games, long-form sets, and good ole wacky story telling. We’ll be taking “audience suggestions” over on Instagram for games and sets, so make sure you follow us at @yglpodcast!

You’ll be able to download Ya Gotta Laugh! wherever you get your podcasts after August 14, and if you want to make sure you never miss an episode, sign up for our emails to get a super happy friendly reminder straight to your inbox!

We started this podcast after realizing there was absolutely no way we could start a podcast called Wine Dahlings, which was basically the same idea – but with a bottle of wine each. Since we are soooo very old, aged and generally have a low tolerance to alcohol due to a lack of social gatherings, we became hungover. We didn’t like that. And thus, Ya Gotta Laugh! was born!

We can’t wait to bring super fun episodes to you each week! If there’s one thing for sure, YA GOTTA LAUGH!

Questions? Have a suggestion for us to use in the show? Email us at [email protected]!

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