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Cake Death and Chicken Cloners with Pat Gordeau

Aug 14, 2020 | Podcast


Actor, writer, comedian, runner, Pat Gourdeau joins us for a laugh! Joining us from his family home in Le Montreal, Pat dishes about his days vacationing in New Jersey and visiting the Cheese Factory where he adopted his 17 year old daughter. Bear-fighting, chicken cloning, and university days with the heir to the Weston throne! WHAT?! Yes, I would like to ride this rollercoaster of ‘prov with Pat, Alicia and Emily. Saddle up, partners!!

We met Pat whilst enrolled in the Second City’s Conservatory Program – which we are, still! (but ya know, 2020…) ! Our Con 5 class was FULL TO THE BRIM with talented folks! Pat’s improv??! HE IS QUICK. He slices! He dices! He’ll fight ya, he’ll love ya! He’ll always, always, always support ya!! #haveyourback

May this joy filled recording serve as a RELIC of a moment of improvi-tastic fun during a global pandemic. One day you will come across this piece of HIGH ART on your futuristic phone made out of air-pellets and hot breath and you will sit, listen, laugh, reflect and then permanently delete it forever. Maybe. Or maybe months, YEARS from now you think to yourself “Hmmm.. Where’s that Ya Gotta Laugh Podcast Recording I did when I was (age) during the pandemic? I really need to listen to that right now!! Like really badly!!” We’ll #haveyourback, baby!! “Omg, I am so grateful you guys kept this file… “ Oh the laugh’s we’ll have… Maybe that day we could do lunch? Depends, where do you think you’ll be living? MTL or TO? Okokok we’ll talk about this later!

We also hear from Chris S., our very first “What’s Your Deal?!” responder! This week’s question was, “What’s the deal with your feet?” Better stay tuned to find out what causes Chris’ feet to crumple up like little crawfish!

Thank you for taking the time, making the time, to jam and be present with us for a whole hour and a half of true beautiful nonsense ❤

Alicia & Emily

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